Personal Profile


In general I would describe myself as an experienced & motivated IT professional who enjoys challenging roles in engineering modern platforms.

I like to think of myself as a goal-oriented, self-starting technologist, who loves working with new technologies and enthusiastically identifying opportunities to apply innovative ideas to solve real problems. My main areas of interest are cloud architectures and platform engineering - which is an area that, more or less, I've worked in throughout my career (the cloud side coming in only recently, as opportunities have allowed!).

I have at various times been described as a confident, approachable and hard-working individual. I love leading & working within teams and building relationships with internal & external peers & stakeholders. I'm passionate about working with modern technology and quick to pick up new areas.

Lately I have developed a bit of a reputation for positive disruption, which I back up with strong technical skills and a “gets things done” attitude. I'm also know for being able to clearly articulate and inspire new ideas across diverse audiences.

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