Technical Skills


I'm inspired by working with modern technology and love to combine a hands-on role with championing technologies and techniques to others.

I've been lucky enough to work in Operations, Delivery and Architecture - including working in a DevOps-style environment before that term had caught on! This has allowed me to accumulate a range of skills over my career, including leading some large-scale infrastructure implementations.

As an architect, I have:

  • Cultivated a reputation as an expert in Cloud technologies, and am approached across my current organisation for my thought leadership in this area
  • Championed Continuous Delivery & Automation. I am a firm believer in ‘build it, run it’, including giving teams powerful tools to make this a reality
  • Considerable experience designing technology for scale, resilience and security, including through the practice of evolutionary design and experimentation. I believe that to be a good architect you must be familiar with the real capabilities of technologies - not just what it says on the tin

I've also played a significant role in setting infrastructure strategy - technical design, patterns and governance - particularly around cloud technologies.

As an engineer, I love:

  • Docker & Kubernetes - I think they are the platform we have been missing for years, finding a perfect sweet spot between software agility and operational control
  • Cloud platforms - especially Google Cloud, where I spend most of my time working. The "other two" are great too, but I do believe Google has some differentiating features for container tech & the overall developer experience
  • Automation & Continuous Delivery. Technology choices that struggle with this are not my bag!

For my sins, I was also the subject matter expert for Middleware & Integration platforms such as Apache, IBM WebSphere & MQ, WebMethods, DataPower ... which all served my employer well for the time, but the world has moved on and I am very rarely involved in them these days.

I am well-versed in the modernisation of legacy technologies, as well as a strong advocate of modern approaches such as microservice architecture, and capable of leading the technical design for solutions' infrastructure build & deployment.

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